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National Parks


     Tanzania is home to some of the most famous national parks worldwide: the Ngorongoro crater, with its unique microclimate, the Serengeti plane, stage to the wildebeest migrations, the Kilmanjaro, with the only snow on the African continent, Ruaha national park, Mikoumi, Udzungwa, just to name a few. Of course, one may also be interested in visiting the photographic side of the Selous game reserve, the larges area in the world completely dedicated to wildlife.


     If you like a relaxed time in nature or if you prefer to climb the Kilimanjaro, we will glad to help you organize your dream vacation and suggest optimal itineraries. We suggest that you dedicate at least ten days to this experience, that will allow you enough time to relax, explore the country and get to know the local customs and the traditions of the Tanzanian people. 


     All wildlife camps that serve national parks in Tanzania are high standard and offer all commodities, while in tune with nature. You may choose to stay in built lodges or camps as your accommodation, but whatever option you prefer you will not miss on anything of the spectacular nature around you. During the daytime game drives you will have the opportunity to see all animal species.


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