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Dar Es Salaam, Tanzania

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Mobile Camps


     Our mobile camps program is an idea that allows you a full immersion in the African wildlife. The journey is tailored especially for you and can be arranged only for exclusive groups ranging from a minimum of four to a maximum of ten people. You will visit some of the most remote regions in Tanzania, staying for two or three days in the same place and exploring the area around the camp on foot and with 4x4 vehicles. You will change areas moving for 80 to 200km and your luxury tented camp will follow.


     This is an experience for the true adventurer. It is guaranteed to stimulate all your senses and teach you about life in the African bush. Tracking buffalo and elephant, with your armed professional guide, in an uncontaminated and untamed environment is bound to make you feel a trill close to the one that the first African explorers have felt, followed by a relaxing sundowner in camp.


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